Experts in animation.

At Sub.Object we don’t take the easy route. We have no favourite techniques, no preferred methods, no favoured styles. We adore everything about 3D and animation. We do this because when it comes to answering a brief, we prefer to make the right choice for our client and not for our portfolio.

Our Process

Successful communication is core to our work process. We work in a transparent manner, keeping our clients updated every step of the way to ensure the message we are trying to convey is always on track. No two projects are ever alike, either in their production or delivery, but all of them will go through at least some of the steps below:


Initial brief submission.
Synopsis /concept proposal.
Storyboard production.
Script writing.
Asset sourcing.
Research and development.


Geometry modelling.
Virtual studio creation.
Lighting set-up.
Scene texturing.
Camera set up.
Preview production.
Rendering management.

Post Production

Fine tuning.
Original music score.
Voice over narration.
SFX addition.
On screen graphics.
Final exports.

Who We Are

Sub.Object create high end 3D animations from brief through to final delivery; in full control of all aspects of the process including script writing, modelling, animation, editing and rendering. For the majority of our projects we use the industry standard 3D creation tool Autodesk 3D Studio Max.

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