Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you will undoubtedly be familiar with Disney’s smash film ‘Frozen’, and if you haven’t seen it you’ve almost definitely had a period of humming the chorus to ‘Let it go’ probably without knowing quite where it came from. Aside from being a gorgeous looking 3D film, it also has quite an enchanting tale; and one artist at Disney has strived to try and prove that the film would be just as wonderful in 2D as it would be in its original format.

Cory Loftis, animation artist at Disney has provided some concept artwork to show us just what we can’t have, see for yourself below (click image to enlarge for HQ version):

disney-frozen-2d-hand-drawn-love-door disney-frozen-2d-hand-drawn-love-door-6 disney-frozen-2d-hand-drawn-love-door-3 disney-frozen-2d-snow-monster disney-frozen-2d-hand-drawn-love-door-5